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Frequently Asked Questions

1. ​​What is the difference between the Green, Red, and White strains?

  • Green strains are a good all around strain and include the best qualities of Red and White.  They also provide a much better euphoric/happy feeling then the other strains.  This is why it is the most popular strain.
  • Red strains are also popular as well.  This strain provides more of a relaxing opiate like feeling and would be best used if you are in some pretty bad physical pain.
  • White strains are a little less common.  I would recommend the white strain if you have trouble focusing, lack energy, or if that cup of coffee just doesn't get you going in the morning anymore.

2. Where does Mystic Kratom Ship to?

We ship to whatever address you give us as long it is not outside the US.  We are based out of Texas, so we follow Texas based laws.  While we haven't had any issues shipping to anywhere in the US, it is the buyer's responsibility to check with their own state's local laws.

3. Will it say what the contents are on the outside of my package?

No.  The return address, name, or anything else on the outside will have nothing to do with Kratom.  Don't worry here at Mystic Kratom we value our customer's privacy and realize not everyone may agree with the controversial subject of Kratom.  So for those who don't agree, it is up to you whether you want to tell them and for those who do well enjoy!

4. Where does Mystic Kratom get their Kratom from and is it fresh?

​There are NO middle men.  We get our Kratom directly from the source in Borneo, Indonesia.  So we can provide the freshest and most potent Kratom to our customers.

5. Is Kratom an Opiate?

No.  Kratom does not contain any opiates whatsoever.  Although it does bind to mu-opioid receptors and kappa-opioid receptors like opiates.  This is why it helps with pain relief, sedation, getting off pain pills, and other opiate like qualities without the dreaded withdrawal symptoms of opiates.

6. Why don't you carry more strains?

Here at Mystic Kratom we believe in only providing the best kratom that works.  Not all strains are up to our standards in potency.  Therefore our team personally tests every strain to make sure we only provide the best of each vein color(see #1), so you can get the desired feeling from only the most potent Kratom.

7. Do you accept Paypal?

Yes.  PayPal is now integrated into our payment process.

​8. How do I make Kratom Tea?

​Check out this Kratom Tea recipe.

9. Kratom makes me itchy.  Is there something I can do about this?

Yes.  If you are getting itchy from taking too much Kratom then Benadryl(possibly other allergy pills) will work wonders for this.

10. It is my first time.  How much Kratom should I take?

In general a good starting dose of Kratom would be about 3 grams or 1 1/2 teaspoons.  This should be enough to feel the effects without it being too strong.  Where your right dose is going to vary person to person, so you will have to experiment gradually increasing the dose 1-2 grams at a time or whatever you feel comfortable with.  A teaspoon is about 2 grams and tablespoon about 6 grams.  Here is a general dosage chart:

Mild dose                 2-4 grams

Medium dose         3-7 grams

Strong dose            6-7 grams

Very Strong dose 8-16 grams

11. How can I take my Kratom powder?

If you don't have bad gag reflexes than the fastest easiest way is to use the toss and wash method. Simply take a spoonful drop it in the back of your mouth and wash it down with your favorite drink. Or you can use gel capsules, which you can buy already prepared here from us or empty capsules at your vitamin store or cheapest online(  Or you can parachute by wrapping the kratom dose in a piece of toilet paper(single ply preferred) and then swallowing it with a drink(It's not as bad as it sounds).

12. How many times a day can I take Kratom? 

This is really up to you.  While Kratom isn't physically addictive any plant or drug that provides so many positive benefits can be mentally addictive.  That being said some people dose 3 times a day and are very happy with the results.  Personally I only dose once a day in the morning to help with anxiety and give me a little bit of energy, but that is just me.  If you are taking Kratom to help you stay off of pain pills, suffer from PTSD, or a severe case of anxiety then it maybe completely necessary to dose 3 times a day.

13. How long will it take for me to start feeling the effects of Kratom?

It depends on the person and how empty your stomache is, but should be around 30-60 minutes.